Review Policy

I am more than happy to accept ARCs in book or electronic form from publishers or authors provided that you have been in contact prior to sending a copy. I read fairly widely, in particular preferring most non-fiction, science fiction, some fantasy, general and contemporary fiction. I read very little crime and thrillers and will not read horror, misery memoirs or chick lit. Unsolicited books that I am not interested in, stand a high chance of not getting read.

When asking me to review a particular book, please include:

The title
The synopsis or blurb
Cover image
Publication date
How you discovered my blog

Unless I personally know the author, I will not accept self-published books.

I will provide publicity about receiving the book on my blog and Twitter. I will mention books that I have received in the various book groups that I am a member of on Good Reads and Facebook.

I will read the book and provide an honest review after I have completed the book, but just because you have been kind enough to provide a free book does not mean that I will compliment the book, instead I will judge it and review it on its merits pointing out aspects where I did and didn’t like the book. If I really do not like the book I may contact you to explain why and may not review

Reviews will be posted on my blog, Good Reads and Twitter, and there is a high possibility that if it is new that I can submit it to the Nudge website for inclusion on there.

Any book that I have requested and received, I will read. If you have a particular date that I have to read the book for, i.e. it is part of a blog tour, then please let me know in the initial correspondence, otherwise, I will read them in order of publication. Unsolicited books that I am interested in reading will be fitted in as and when I can.

Please remember that I am doing this because of my love of reading, it is not my main job. I have a busy life with a family and sometimes things cannot fit in.


  1. So glad I found your blog through GoodReads this year. Your reviews are always so illuminating. Thank you for the time & effort you’ve put in to making my reading life more enjoyable. Hope you keep it up. Happy New Year!

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  3. Hi Paul,
    I'd love for you to review my sci/fi fantasy book, "The Gnome Exchange Program." Let me know how to contact you to give you your requested info...

    Thanks for your time!

    Matt Caliri

    1. Thanks for the offer Matt, but it doesn't look like my sort of thing.


  4. Hello, Paul.
    I am writing today on behalf of Anne Marie Ruff, a literary fiction author whose second novel, BENEATH THE SAME HEAVEN was just recently published by Open Books Titles. We discovered your blog through GoodReads. Anne Marie is an up and coming author and former journalist whose work has been called "enthralling” and “a real pleasure.” We think BENEATH THE SAME HEAVEN is a good fit for your blog and would love to send you an electronic copy for review. (You can contact me directly chitownladym77 at gmail.)

    BENEATH THE SAME HEAVEN is a story of love and terrorism. Kathryn, an American woman, and Rashid, a Pakistani-born Muslim man, seem to have bridged the divide between Western and Islamic world views with their marriage and two American-born children. But everything changes when Rashid’s father is suddenly killed by a US drone attack near the Afghan border, and their cross-cultural family descends into conflicting ideas of loyalty, justice, identity, revenge, and terrorism.

    BENEATH THE SAME HEAVEN runs about 120,000 words and was officially published through Open Books Titles on April 1st.

    1. Hi chitownlady, thank you for the offer of the book, but it really doesn't sound like my kind of thing


  5. I hope it is okay I am contacting you here I did not find an e-mail address on your blog. If it is not, I do apologize. I noticed your blog and I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing one of our books? This autumn we are publishing a novel called Blessed Assurance by Stewart Ennis and I am trying to get as many reviews as possible. As a small publisher we heavily rely on the power of word-of-mouth hence we really need great bloggers like yourself. At the moment we only have PDFs as the book has just gone to the printers. :) And you can find all the info about the book on our website but if you have any questions please do ask me. Here is the additional information as requested in your blog post:

    Book Title: Blessed Assurance
    Author: Stewart Ennis
    Publication date: November 2019
    The blurb is on our website as it is fairly lengthy. :)

    Kind regards,
    Galina Miteva