Sunday 4 September 2016

Review: Silverheart

Silverheart Silverheart by Storm Constantine
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Karadur is an ancient city, ruled by the powerful metal clans who control the forges; it is a place of heat, darkness and political intrigue. Born into the silver Clan but now a rogue and thief, Max Silverskin, who delights in tormenting those in power. Captured and imprisoned in a sealed cell, he is overcome by a force that leaves a witch-mark on his heart and breaks the cell allowing his to escape. The mark he now carries is known as the silverheart and he has six days to find the original magical artefacts of the clans to save the city; or die.

Hidden below the city is a place that most of the people of Karadur don’t know exists; the hidden realm of Shriltasi. It is a secret known only to the head of the clans. With the arrival of the Silverheart, the Ashen, who live in Shriltasi, realise that the prophecy about the fate of the twin cities is about to come true. So beings a frantic race as Max has to use all his skills as a thief to try to obtain the relics, dodging Captain Cornelius Coffin who intends on capturing him and building an unlikely alliance with Lady Rose, heir and daughter of the powerful Iron clan.

There were a number of things about this that I liked, in particular the gothic, steampunk feel to the book, along with the light infusion of magic. The characters feel a little two dimensional though and never really developed over the six days or so that the story takes place. It is not a bad plot and is written with a nice pace and tension to it, but with a lot of these types of books it was a tad predictable.

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