Tuesday 3 January 2017

2017 Reading Intentions

Some of my aims for 2017

I have decided to set myself something that I am calling The World from My Armchair Challenge. My intention for this challenge is to read a travel or non-fiction book from every country, ocean and a number of the seas around the world. I have taken the list of countries from the UN (192) and each sea and ocean bringing the total to 212 books! Not all in one year I hasten to add.

I have a number of Terry Pratchett books from his Discworld series that I have not yet read, so want to finish those next year.

Will still be working my way through the Summersdale travel catalogue, and also discovered the Stanford Travel Writing awards

Will be reading the longlist from the the Wainwright Prize again, as this is something that I am now doing for Nudge / nb Magazine

Not reading as much Sci Fi as i would like to. Managed one from the Arthur C Clarke Award. I have sorted out the books I have at home and intend to read those in 2017, as I didn't in 2016; including steampunk!

My Good Reads Challenge is set at 190. Same as last year. It is a fair amount of books, but I know that is well within my capability to achieve.

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