Wednesday 13 September 2017

Review: Mind of a Survivor: What the wild has taught me about survival and success

Mind of a Survivor: What the wild has taught me about survival and success Mind of a Survivor: What the wild has taught me about survival and success by Megan Hine
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A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Surviving anywhere takes intelligence and guile, but surviving any length of time in the wild takes a great deal of strength. Taking people out of their comfortable urban lifestyles into jungles, up into the mountains and onto the tundra and steppes of our world is another level up. Megan Hine is unusual in that she sadly is a rare female presence in the male dominated world of adventure and outdoor pursuits. However, do not let looks deceive you, she is as tough as the guys too, as surviving requires as much mental strength and rapid assessment of a situation as it does physical ability. Hine is held in such high regard that she has consulted and assisted on various TV shows including Mission Survive and Running Wild by Bear Gryll's.

This in no way makes her any less formidable, she has honed these skills from a lifetime spent outdoors in a variety of hair-raising and frankly terrifying situations. She gets alongside those she is working with to guide and instruct in the best way to survive and even thrive in the circumstances that are presenting themselves. In fact, she goes on to argue, that the most expensive kit may help, but when it comes to surviving that your biggest asset, your brain, will be the crucial element. It is just a shame that can also be your biggest liability…

She is an advocate in getting more out in the wild, not only because the natural world does you the power of good and enriches the soul but the skills you can acquire when outdoors can be hugely beneficial to everyday life at home and in the office. It is a really good book about the power of mind over matter and taking time to assess and make the correct decision, even when that judgement must be made very quickly. She writes very well, mixing her background story with anecdotes of perilous events in the wilderness and combines it all with solid practical advice.

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