Wednesday 23 May 2018

Review: The Little Book Of Camper Van

The Little Book Of Camper Van The Little Book Of Camper Van by Michael Heatley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As style icons go there are not as many that are as cool as the VW Camper van. First made in 1950 and called the Type 2, as the Beetle was the Type 1, it was based on a sketch by Ben Pon a Dutch importer of Volkswagens. From these humble beginnings as a work vehicle with just over half a tonne of load capacity, but versions were made that became ambulances, flatbeds and even hearses. The split screen with the two side doors was the first and production ran until 1967 with all sorts of variants. It became known as the T1 and the next model was the T2, and was quickly names the bay window. This morphed into the T3 the more boxy looking van. The T4 was the first of the front-engined and front wheel drive model that has now become the T6 in it's most recent iteration.

This is quite a short book with an overview of every model and the camper versions that were made by official partners and third-party companies. It is full of colour photos of typical models and talks a little about the Surf and hippy culture that adopted these versatile vans. I own a T4 and was given this as a gift, but it is kind of an odd book in some ways. There is not enough depth on the subject in here for a dedicated fan, neither are there enough photos for someone who is not so worried about the history so much. It does come with a DVD and that isn't bad either.

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